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Thank you for your interest in InfoComm International's 2015 technical paper program. You may submit information for multiple InfoComm technical papers, but not at the same time. If you wish to submit information for more than one technical paper, please do so separately or email us at

Your submission will be reviewed by InfoComm staff and subject-matter experts for inclusion. Not all submissions will be included in the production of a technical paper. You will be contacted within 30 days of your submission about your participation.

All information and interviews sourced in the final technical paper will be acknowledged in the paper itself and in appropriate online promotion and/or other content vehicles (i.e. derivative webinars, presentations, training, etc. as appropriate).

Please fill out the form below to select your topic and to tell us about yourself. InfoComm will not share your information but only use it to contact you about technical papers and other InfoComm-related activities.

Submission Form
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3) Area of Expertise
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Please tell us how you would like to contribute to the technical paper you are submitting information about. (Choose all that apply.) Contribute existing source material
Write original material as needed
Conduct phone interviews with InfoComm technical editors
Review sections of the technical paper in progress
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5) File Upload

If you would like to submit existing source material, please upload it now. If you would like to submit multiple files, please collect them into a ZIP file, not to exceed 10MB. Alternately, you can email source material to

Note: By submitting your source material, you attest to the fact that you are authorized to do so and you and/or your company grant InfoComm rights to use the material in whole or in part as part a technical paper on the topic. You agree that you have the right to review the material in context, but you do not have the right to review and/or approve the paper in its entirety. Use of source material in the resulting technical paper will be appropriately cited and credited per professional publishing standards.