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  • Global AV: Spotlight India

    In the world's second most populous nation, where the government has launched a comprehensive initiative to modernize its digital infrastructure, it's the corporate market that's driving AV growth. Take a closer look at the country's dynamic market for AV products and services.

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  • Immersive Learning on the Sunshine Coast

    From innovative learning spaces to simulation, the school offers students and faculty an exceptional AV experience that positions them and the region to tackle new challenges.

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  • Shows Around the World

    Mumbai, India
    InfoComm India
    Sept. 1-3

    Dubai, UAE
    InfoComm Middle East and Africa
    Oct. 19-22

    Integrated Systems Russia 2015
    Moscow, Russia
    Oct. 28-30

  • Sonic Signatures Go Live

    Sonic signatures have become a marketing staple. But they can be tricky to execute at live events. That's not stopping companies from trying to inject audio brands into concerts, festivals and other events.

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Drones and the Future of Healthcare

You may not use these drones to transport the sick or injured (yet), but ambulance drones can help deliver care and even allow remote doctors provide emergency assistance. Read More


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