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January 7, 2015

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Women of InfoComm; Tampa Roundtable Plus; Register for InfoComm Live; Education at InfoComm Connections; How Much Does 5 Minutes Cost?; How Pro AV Improves Unified Communications; Install School; AV/IT Infrastructure Guidelines for Higher Education; InfoComm at Integrated Systems Europe; State of the Integrator; CTS Prep; AV Design Training; Bylaws Notice

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4K Party: All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go?


Arguably the AV buzzword of last year, so-called ultra HD video is enduring the customary fits and starts of a new technology on its way to widespread adoption. In some ways, it's moving faster than 1080p did, and we know how that turned out. InfoComm International® Senior Technical Editor Nermina Miller breaks down the latest on the newest resolution to upend the AV industry.


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What AV Companies Can Learn From Amazon


In a networked AV world, it's easier than ever to collect data about AV systems. But it's one thing to collect data and another to use data to make the user experience more productive, engaging or friendly. Successful technology companies already exploit data in compelling new ways. A recent stroll down the virtual shopping aisles of got one InfoComm All Voices blogger thinking about possibilities.


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Global AV: Spotlight Europe


With Integrated Systems Europe 2015 right around the corner, we talked to AV professionals about the $17.5 billion European market for AV products and services. Which countries are growing the fastest? Which are growing the slowest? And which AV technologies and applications offer the greatest opportunities? Read about it in this InfoComm special report.


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Podcast: Year in Review With InfoComm's Executive Director


InfoComm Executive Director and CEO David Labuskes, CTS®, RCDD, sits down to discuss the year gone by. What threats does the commercial AV industry face? What opportunities? And what will be the biggest AV market in the world over the coming years? Listen to the latest InfoComm Today Podcast.


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More News From InfoComm

 Women of InfoComm Council Established

InfoComm announces the Women of InfoComm Network Council, chaired by Erin Bolton, Vice President of Digital Solutions at MarketStar. The council's mission is to provide a global community of InfoComm members and other professionals committed to supporting and empowering women who work in the technology and AV industry. Read about the council's plans and get involved. Men are cordially invited.

 A New Kind of InfoComm Roundtable

Join us for InfoComm's Roundtable Plus in Tampa, Jan. 15, to get an in-depth look at what makes an exceptional AV experience. This new, free event will take place alongside Stampede's Big Book of AV Tour to give attendees a full day of AV-specific education sessions, discussion and the chance to network with peers.

David Labuskes, InfoComm Executive Director and CEO, will discuss the components and goals of an exceptional AV experience and explain how such experiences can give AV companies a strategic advantage in a competitive market. Enjoy Manufacturers' Training, exhibits, prizes and more. Register today.

 Register for InfoComm Live

If you are a live events professional, you need to be in San Diego for InfoComm Live, Feb. 25-26. Registration is open for this special executive conference, designed to shed light on your most pressing concerns, from training and contract negotiations to creating exceptional experiences in live events. Review the entire agenda today.

And for a limited time, we're asking you to tell us about one of your awesome live events. You could win a free trip to InfoComm Live in San Diego, or free registration and hotel accommodations. And everyone who submits an exceptional live event will receive $50 off their InfoComm Live registration. But you have to submit your entry by Jan. 31. So enter now.

 AV/IT Technologies Are Changing the Industry

InfoComm Connections, March 4-5 in San Jose, Calif., will offer high-caliber education opportunities for technology managers and other AV professionals. Don't miss the session AV/IT Technologies That Are Changing the Industry and other presentations by InfoComm University™, IMCCA and NewBay Media. Learn about all this new conference's education classes and how you can earn renewal units at InfoComm Connections.

Pre-conference bonus: If you're not sure you're ready to become a Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS), join this one-day session, March 3, in San Jose. The new CTS Testing Drill will help you master multiple choice test-taking with timed, interactive drills using real CTS exam practice questions. Find out more.

 How Much Does 5 Minutes Cost?

Project management expert and InfoComm University Senior Instructor Brad Malone, PMP, breaks it down for you in the All Voices Blog. Hint: It costs a lot more than you might think when AV pros can't be bothered to do even the small tasks correctly the first time. Read on.

 How Pro AV Improves Unified Communications

Unified communications and collaboration technology can dramatically improve the way an organization operates. But poorly integrated solutions can cause users to hang up in the middle of conference calls or leave videoconferencing systems underutilized. That's where trained AV professionals come into play. Download the free InfoComm white paper, The Role of the Audiovisual Industry in Unified Communications and Collaboration.

 Install Training: Before and After Power

Customized to your on-the-job role, InfoComm University's install training will walk you through the skills needed to build an AV system and adjust a system for optimal performance. All while preparing you for the coveted
CTS®-I certification.

Travis Honeycutt, CTS

"The System Fabrication and Setup and Verification courses have something for everyone in the AV industry, not just technicians. Now I'm happy to be able to take clients behind the scenes and show them the detail that we put into our work and its value."
— Travis Honeycutt, CTS, Technical Innovation

Upcoming classes will be held at InfoComm headquarters in Fairfax, Va., March 23-28.

 AV/IT Infrastructure Guidelines for Higher Education

InfoComm volunteers spent months producing a definitive guide to integrating AV into 21st-century learning spaces. The 158-page document is free to download and includes everything from descriptions of education technologies, to design considerations for learning spaces, to best practices in project planning, budgeting, and coordination. Learn more and download this valuable resource.

 InfoComm Education at ISE 2015

As in previous years, InfoComm will offer its InfoComm University training free to members at Integrated Systems Europe 2015. Look for classes on 4K and streaming, BYOD and digital audio protocols. Read the news.

 InfoComm Today: State of the Integrator

What do falling oil prices have to do with the state of the AV industry? At least one of the AV executives on the InfoComm Today Podcast has concerns. Get their views on the current business climate, the hottest customer segments, and what "the cloud" has to do with AV. Listen now.

 CTS Prep: Live and Online

Thinking about taking the CTS exam but need some extra preparation? Personalize your study plan with InfoComm University's CTS Prep Virtual Classroom, held online twice a week from Feb. 3 to Feb. 27. Through interactive webinars, your instructor will review important content areas, including AV math; explain what to expect the day of the exam; and offer proven test-taking strategies. Sign up now.

 AV Design Training for Your Career (and Your Schedule)

With InfoComm University's AV design courses, held in Fairfax, Va., Feb. 23-March 3, you'll gain a keen understanding of AV calculations, documentation and networked systems for AV design. Plus you'll get the skills needed to work with other professionals.

If you can't make it to all three in-person courses, mix and match AV Design Online courses to create your own path for maximizing your design potential and prepping for the CTS®-D.

 Formal Bylaws Notice

Ten members of InfoComm International proposed, in writing, that the following amendments be made to the association's bylaws. Please be advised that the InfoComm International Board of Directors will consider the amendments at its regularly scheduled meeting Feb. 24, 2015.

  1. The term "Audit Committee" is deleted from paragraph 33
  2. Paragraph 34 is deleted.
  3. Paragraph 35 is amended to state:

    'The Finance Committee shall be composed of the officers plus two non-officer Directors and two additional InfoComm member employees who do not serve on the Board of Directors. The President may appoint an additional Finance Committee member after the Leadership Search Committee has announced candidate(s) for Secretary-Treasurer. The Finance Committee will be charged to present budgets for approval by the Board and monitor InfoComm's finances and shall work with InfoComm staff and the auditors to plan, monitor, and report on any special audits. The Secretary-Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee.'

  4. The paragraphs subsequent to paragraph 33 shall be renumbered to account for the deletion of paragraph 34.

Please contact a member of the Board of Directors if you have any concerns about these proposed changes.

 Upcoming Webinars

  • Multiple Choice Testing for CTS Exam Candidates
    Jan. 7

  • New USB for AV Technology
    Jan. 28


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