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July 24, 2013

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In Memoriam; How to Find and Pay Freelancers; Michael Vergauwen Scholarship; InfoComm Today Podcast; Standard Review; Sustainability=Market Transformation; The New Norm in AV Business; Strategically Speaking; Managed AV Services; Denver Roundtable; Project Management Download; Chicago Roundtable; Speak at InfoComm 2014; More

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Can 3D Get Respect on Stage?


Remember when 3D was all the rage? It isn't so much anymore — unless you know where to look. There's a segment of professional AV that's come to embrace 3D technology and use it in real-world situations. What can you learn from their experience? Find out in this InfoComm International® special report.


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Training AV Freelancers


Many live events professionals came into the industry through a side door. They went to a school to study graphic design, or TV production or some other specialty. There was a time these important AV technicians learned on the job, but today, is that enough to build a trained network of independent service providers? Read more.


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Caution: The Cloud Can Be Tricky


InfoComm All Voices blogger Brad Grimes recently lived the cloud and it got him thinking about the challenges of AV/IT convergence. With more AV systems incorporating IT networks and more AV pros embracing network technology, do they have to be better at handling IT than IT pros? You decide.


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Three Trends in the Retail Market


What does retail even mean any more, what with brick-and-mortar stores battling websites for sales? In fact, retail is a dynamic, evolving market precisely because of the massive effect that the Internet has had on stores and buyers. That spells an opportunity for AV companies. Here's what you need to be thinking about.


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Rental & Staging Roadshow Pulls Into Manhattan


InfoComm and NewBay Media invite all you live events professionals and meeting planners in and around New York City to join us July 31 for a day of technical and manufacturer training featuring InfoComm's own Andre LeJeune, CTS®, who will present Beyond Front Work: 10 Secrets to Mastering the Venue — and the Show — Before Load-In. Some training will be worth InfoComm CTS renewal units. Browse the agenda, then hurry up and register.


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More News from InfoComm

 In Memoriam

Timothy Dorwart

Timothy Dorwart, CEO of Community Professional Loudspeakers, died July 15, the company announced. Dorwart arrived at Community from Gibson Guitar Corp., where he'd held the position of general manager for pro audio and guided the integration of Stanton Group assets to form Gibson's new Pro Audio Division. In a statement, Community said that in lieu of flowers, those who would like to make a donation in Tim's name might consider causes dear to him, including cancer research, no-kill animal shelters or music education charities. A few of the websites of charities Community cited are,,,, and

Amar Bose

Amar Bose, founder and chairman of Bose Corp., died July 12. In a statement, Bose President Bob Maresca said, "Dr. Bose's discoveries revolutionized industries, and his generous spirit changed people's lives. There is no end to the good he has done." Bose founded the privately-held company that bears his name in 1964. He began his acoustics research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was a faculty member for more than 45 years.

 How to Find and Pay Freelancers

Patty McGoldrick is a founding member of the InfoComm Independent Technical Service Providers (ITSP) Council. Her company, Immediate Connections, offers live-event staffing from seven offices across the U.S. Recently, McGoldrick and her partner Bob Polignone also launched Hire Us Direct, an online booking and payroll service. It helps ensure that buyers of AV services are protected from employer tax liabilities and work-related injuries.

"We have created one centralized location on the Internet where buyers get audiovisual labor quickly, easily, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional full-service agencies," McGoldrick says. "The fees are competitive, the freelancers get paid on a weekly basis, and they're covered by workers' compensation in the event they're injured on the job. Plus, we pay into the state and federal unemployment programs."

Learn more at

 Deadline for Michael Vergauwen Scholarship Extended!

The Michael Vergauwen Fund, administered by the International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF), supports post-secondary education for a career in the audiovisual industry. The memorial fund honors Michael Vergauwen's achievements in the AV communications industry and his participation in and leadership of InfoComm International. The Michael Vergauwen Scholarship is a $5,000 grant for third- and fourth-year college students and graduate students who are dependents of employees or employees of InfoComm member organizations. Read about last year's winner; then fill out an application by August 30.

 Now Hear This: The Scoop on Standards

The InfoComm Today Podcast is back! In the latest episode, we tackle the question, "What are these InfoComm standards and what do they have to do with me?" Join InfoComm Vice President of Standards and Industry Innovations Joe Bocchiaro, CTS®-D, CTS®-I, along with Matthew Silverman, CTS®, of George Mason University and former InfoComm President Greg Jeffreys of Paradigm Audio Visual as they discuss the latest InfoComm standard, how you can get involved and what's next for AV standards. Tune in.

 Time's Running Out: AV Systems Performance Verification Standard Review

Public review and comment for InfoComm's latest draft standard, 10-2013 Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification, is underway. The public is encouraged to download the draft and provide comments by Aug. 12 at 5 p.m. EDT. The standard provides a framework and supporting processes for determining elements of an audiovisual system that need to be verified; the timing of that verification within the project delivery cycle; a process for determining verification metrics, and reporting procedures.

 Sustainability = Market Transformation

Don't snooze on sustainability. It doesn't have to mean "green AV" to have a sizable impact on the way your AV business operates. InfoComm Sustainability Officer Allen Weidman identifies four key trends in sustainability and explains why they're important. Hint: They all involve market transformation.

 Master the New Norm in AV Business

Evolve your leadership and management style to address the rapidly changing marketplace. Position your company for growth by understanding The New Norm framework developed by AV Executive Conference host David Nour.

Register now for the AV Executive Conference to be held at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Fla., Sept. 10-12, 2013. Sign up before Aug. 5 and save $100.

 Strategically Speaking

At InfoComm 2013, the InfoComm Board of Directors approved the association's newest strategic plan. As always, InfoComm's core purpose is to advance audiovisual communications globally. One of the things you'll be hearing a lot about in the coming years is InfoComm's commitment to "exceptional experiences." Such experiences are the ultimate goal of a well-trained, expert professional AV industry. They are the result of the design and integration of the latest technologies, coordinated teamwork among trades, and carefully crafted solutions that meet clients' unique needs every time they use the systems.

Going forward, as part of its strategic plan, InfoComm will define exceptional experiences and identify and share examples of them with the InfoComm community.

 The Case for Managed AV Services

Rule #1: As much as you think your AV firm can make more money and improve its margins by offering managed services, no one will take you up on your offer if they don't have a need. So what is the push for managed AV services really all about? And what should companies think about as they embark down this potentially lucrative path? We asked around for advice.

 Do AV Projects Keep You Up at Night?

Attend the InfoComm Regional Roundtable in Denver on Aug. 8 to find out how to finish AV projects on time and on budget. Paul Streffon, MBA, CTS-D, CTS-I, Network+, Senior Staff Instructor for InfoComm International, will present Project Management Using InfoComm's Standards. Save your spot.

 AV Project Management 101

All new! Have you ever wished you had all of InfoComm University™ instructor Brad Malone's project management advice in one portable document? Wish no more. Now you can download all his useful articles — plus a few bonus insights — in one, easy-to-read format. Get Brad's Project Management for AV Professionals from the Project Management Series web page today.

 What is Your Association Doing for You?

The InfoComm Regional Roundtable Tour will stop in Chicago on Sept. 19. Duffy Wilbert, CTS, CAE, Senior Vice President of Member Services for InfoComm, will present What's New? What's Next? — AV Industry and InfoComm Update. Find out what's on the horizon and what InfoComm is doing to address future challenges. Please bring your questions, suggestions and opinions for the roundtable discussion. Save your spot.

 Take Your Insights to the Stage

If you're looking for a way to give back to the industry — and add some impressive bullets to your own resume — think about presenting at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas. But don't delay: The Call for Presenters ends Sept. 13.

Visit for opportunities to present at InfoComm shows worldwide.

 High Praise for New Networking Course

Dan Lehman, CTS, AVI-SPL

"The course touched on all aspects of a network and provided a good base knowledge of how all the pieces tie together. I would definitely recommend others to take the class. Although I will not be building any networks, I will use the information I learned to be able to better communicate my needs."
— Dan Lehman, CTS, AVI-SPL

Enroll now in Networking Technology Online.

 Have Your Free Standards?

If your company is a member of InfoComm, all your employees have free access to InfoComm International's standards. Explore how standards can boost your business.

 Benefits of Belonging: Make Global Connections

InfoComm members get free access to InfoComm's trade shows around the world. Attend shows in Mexico City, Medellin, Sydney, Mumbai, Dubai, Moscow, Amsterdam, Beijing, Washington, D.C., São Paulo and Las Vegas. Registration is required.

Not a member yet? Join today.

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    Aug. 7, 2013


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