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October 29, 2014

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Weekly Reading; InfoComm on Campus; Conference Room Confusion; Design Online; Studio Gear on Stage; CTS® Prep in Philly; Haunted Houses Redux; Standards Reduce Callbacks; The Value of CTS

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Is Streaming an Exceptional Experience?


It certainly can be, but news that more entertainment companies are offering streaming options has at least one consumer conflicted. Share your best practices for ensuring streaming video works as advertised at the All Voices Blog.


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Digital Signage: Matching Content to Solution


Do you start your digital signage conversations with technology? Think about kicking things off with content. Experts say the best way to start is to learn what needs to be displayed and where, so you as an AV professional can recommend the best way to display it. Read the special report.


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Ensuring AV Systems Performance


How do you make sure that the AV system you designed and integrated meets the client’s expectations? (And if you’re the client, how do you make sure you get what you pay for?) Hear members of the InfoComm International® task force that published the AV Systems Performance Verification Guide discuss what makes it an essential tool for AV professionals who raise the bar on quality throughout the industry.


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Numbers Are Sexy (Not Cliché)


Numbers. Metrics. Big data. Modern AV/IT systems produce all of them, and you should be exploiting metrics to manage systems. Even if it makes you cringe when people use such tired phrases as “game-changer” and “paradigm shift” to describe how employing data can improve operations and decision-making. Read the thoughts of one AV pro and share your own worn-out clichés.


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More News From InfoComm

 Weekly Reading: Virtual Reality Edition

Because there’s more to staying abreast of technology than news about AV (though that’s important, too). Spanning the Web, we’ve gathered stories to spur your imagination, including news of moon robots and efforts to make virtual reality, well, more real. What have you been reading lately?

 Go to School With InfoComm on Campus

Registration is now open for InfoComm on Campus, to be held Dec. 9 at the University of Southern California’s Davidson Conference Center. This full-day seminar for higher education AV pros will feature case studies of how future trends in technology are shaping today’s learning environment. Join fellow technology managers for interactive discussions and a showcase of today’s top solutions. Read more and register.

 Paris is in London, New York is in Amsterdam and Everyone is Confused

Chances are you’ve worked in a lot of conference rooms. You know that the space is as important as the AV technology that’s in it. So why do organizations give such crazy names to some of those spaces? One expert offers sage advice for naming conference rooms, which comes in handy when you need to integrate scheduling with conferencing systems. Share your ideas.

 Get Your AV Design Fix

If you’ve wanted to take a deep dive into AV design but haven’t been able to make it to an InfoComm University™ classroom course, AV Design Level 1, 2 and 3 are now available as online courses. You can take them whenever you’d like and at your own pace.

The brand-new AV Design Online courses offer a good, affordable alternative to Design Boot Camp. Use them as a helpful reference; reinforce what you’ve already learned; bone up before testing for your CTS®-D; or explore updates since you last took the courses to gain valuable CTS renewal units.

AV Design Online includes new features, videos and the most up-to-date, testable information. Visit to learn more about the design program and enroll.

 Studio Gear Takes the Stage

Everyone from rock bands to corporate presenters wants live events to sound their best. To that end, live events professionals are taking top-of-the-line gear from studios and putting it on stage. “The spoken word isn’t just getting a touch of EQ anymore,” says one pro. Read more in this InfoComm special report.

 CTS Prep in Philadelphia

Nervous about the CTS exam? Let InfoComm University™ boost your confidence and help create a study plan that works for you. CTS Prep, Nov. 18-20 in nearby Marlton, N.J., will help allay your exam fears by exploring important exam topics, including:

  • Creating, operating and servicing AV solutions

  • Networking concepts

  • Exam format, strategies and what to expect the day of the exam

Plus, with in-person instruction, you'll be able to ask questions and drill down into your trouble areas. As this CTS-certified professional put it:

"CTS Prep was excellent! It got me ready for the test and I did better than I had expected. The course made me realize how much I had not known and how much I had forgotten." — Gary Boulware, CTS, Instructional Technology Manager, University of Wyoming

 Halloween Throwback: Haunted Houses are the Next Big AV Venue

You know what’s scary? How much money is invested annually in Halloween, that’s what. And these days, audio, video and lighting (AVL) technology has become an ever-larger component of spook-house designs. Read about it in this special report flashback.

 Reduce Callbacks With InfoComm Standards

Did you know using standards could reduce your callbacks? According to a recent survey by InfoComm, on average, companies that used standards experienced 10 percent fewer callbacks than those that didn’t. By showing clients you will adhere to a standard in your projects, everyone will know what to expect. Remember, if you’re an InfoComm member, InfoComm Standards are free to download.

Explore and download.

 The Value of CTS

According to our last certification survey, 90 percent of CTS holders intend to renew. It’s clear that people want to keep their certification. And according to our research, nearly all CTS holders (98 percent) found value in their certification. Learn more about CTS and what earning this ANSI-accredited credential could mean to you.

 Upcoming Webinars

  • Excellence in Technical Customer Service,
    Part 1

    Nov. 11, 2014

  • Excellence in Technical Customer Service,
    Part 2

    Nov. 13, 2014

  • Digital Video at Length — Connectivity Options for HD Content
    Dec. 3, 2014


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