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August 7, 2013

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Strategically Speaking; No More Excuses for Ignoring AV/IT; Networking Classes Good for Network+ Credit; Vergauwen Scholarship; AV Systems Performance Verification Standard Review; Take the Mic at InfoComm 2014; More Jobs Requiring CTS®; Register for the AV Executive Conference; Getting Started With Standards; Chicago Roundtable

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Mobility, Video, and the 'Zees'


Despite all the promise of mobile video communications, will people ever feel comfortable taking a video call out in public? Indications are, maybe they will. The IMCCA's Director of Emerging Technology used to be skeptical, but now he's not sure, and in this All Voices Blog, he speculates on whether acceptance is a generational thing.


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Yes, AV Business Really is Good


Sound market research is a great thing, but perhaps the best way to gauge the business climate is to scan your competitors' financial records. If they're doing well, that can be a good sign (and maybe a kick in the pants). The AV Industry Index is kind of like doing that. As one of its creators put it, "We are seeing the beginnings of an important AV market shift." Read all about it.


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Now Hear This: AV Executive Conference Preview


Want to know what business experts will be evangelizing at next month's AV Executive Conference in Amelia Island, Fla.? We got all of them on the line for this special InfoComm Today Podcast. Hear directly from business experts and strategists David Nour, Les McKeown, Everett Hill and Nhat Pham as they discuss what it takes to run a successful company in today's changing market. Tune in.


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How Will BYOD Affect Your Next Install?


So-called "bring-your-own-device" initiatives are all the rage in IT. So what do they have to do with you and professional AV? More and more, workers' tablets and smartphones are the preferred interfaces to AV systems in conference rooms, church sanctuaries, classrooms and more. Helping users get it right will be critical. Keep this in mind.


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More News from InfoComm

 Government Relations Update

The U.S. Congress had a last minute flurry of activity prior to adjourning for its August recess. Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 313, the Government Spending Accountability (GSA) Act of 2013. The legislation cuts most government travel by 30 percent through 2018. There is no companion legislation to H.R. 313 in the Senate. However, Senator Coburn (R-OK) recently introduced a bill to cut travel budgets by 20 percent for four years and limit federal participation at conferences to one event per year for each outside group. Last year, Congress and the White House put in place stringent guidelines to prevent unethical spending on government conferences. Federal agencies are already required to adhere to these new rules.

In brighter news, Congressman Bobby Rush of Illinois introduced H.R. 2911, the Wireless Microphone Users Interference Protection Act of 2013. The legislation calls for retention of the two dedicated TV channels per market currently allocated for wireless microphones and an expansion of eligibility for wireless microphone licenses to a broader range of entities than FCC Part 74 rules currently allow. If you are a U.S. citizen, please write to your representative and ask ask him or her to support and cosponsor H.R. 2911. For assistance, email us.

 Strategically Speaking

InfoComm International®'s Board of Directors recently approved the association's newest three-year strategic plan, which will serve as a guide for making InfoComm the most effective it can be. InfoComm's core purpose — to advance audiovisual communications globally — hasn't changed. But one thing the association has pledged renewed focus on in the future is the global part of its mission.

As part of its strategic plan, InfoComm will take steps to grow its presence and the value it provides the industry in global markets. Objectives include increasing membership and certification around the world and boosting training opportunities in local languages. In the years to come, keep an eye out for local user groups and industry evangelists across the globe. And know that wherever you practice AV, InfoComm will encourage you to engage, volunteer and help drive international participation.

 No More Excuses for Ignoring AV/IT

InfoComm University™ just removed the biggest barrier to taking its Networked AV Systems classroom course by releasing the new Networking Technology Online course. Sign up today for both of them and you'll be over your AV/IT anxiety by the end of the month. Networked AV Systems is Aug. 19-21 in Fairfax, Va.

 InfoComm's Networking Classes Now Good for Network+ Credit

In recognition of AV's close-knit relationship with the IT community, people holding CompTIA Network+ credentials can now earn Continuing Education Units for completing InfoComm's Networking Technology and Networked AV Systems classes — up to 40 CEUs for this AV-focused training.

Want to get started right away? Enroll in Networked AV Systems, Aug. 19-21, in Fairfax, Va., to learn advanced networking principles from an AV perspective. For those who need foundational training, learn at your own pace with Networking Technology Online.

 Time's Running Out to Apply for the Michael Vergauwen Scholarship

The Michael Vergauwen Fund, administered by the International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF), supports post-secondary education for a career in the audiovisual industry. The memorial fund honors Michael Vergauwen's achievements in the AV communications industry and his participation in and leadership of InfoComm International. The Michael Vergauwen Scholarship is a $5,000 grant for third- and fourth-year college students and graduate students who are dependents of employees or employees of InfoComm member organizations. Read about last year's winner and then fill out an application by Aug. 30.

 Last Chance! AV Systems Performance Verification Standard Review

Public review and comment for InfoComm's latest draft standard, 10:2013 Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification, is winding down. Download the draft and provide comments by Aug. 19 at 5 p.m. EDT. The standard provides a framework and supporting processes for determining AV system elements that need to be verified; the timing of that verification within the project delivery cycle; a process for determining verification metrics, and reporting procedures.

 Take the Mic at InfoComm 2014

Are you on the leading edge of technology? You're invited to the presenters' stage at InfoComm 2014, June 14-20 in Las Vegas. We know you have insights to share, and we want to hear about them. Take a few minutes to submit your ideas before Sept. 13.

 More Jobs Requiring CTS

Bill Martin, CTS

Bill Martin, CTS, went after his CTS credentials to make the most of business opportunities. "I've been working in the industry since 1982," he says. "It was time to get my CTS — more and more jobs are requiring it."

Contact your account manager for one-on-one guidance on setting your course for CTS.

 Master The New Norm in the AV Business

Evolve your leadership and management style to address the rapidly changing marketplace. Position your company for growth by understanding The New Norm framework developed by AV Executive Conference host David Nour. Register now for the AV Executive Conference to be held at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Fla., Sept. 10-12, 2013.

 InfoComm Standards: How to Get Started

Confused? Overwhelmed? Can't figure out how to get started using InfoComm's ANSI-accredited AV standards? It's time to relax. Explore practical tips on why and how to use these valuable resources in this recorded webinar.

 Shift Your Thinking

Attend the InfoComm Regional Roundtable in Chicago on Sept. 19 to learn how to shift your focus from linear problem solving to creative problem solving. Jim Feldman, CEO of Shift Happens!®, will present Shift Happens!: Thriving on Change. Save your spot.

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  • Are You Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster?
    Aug. 14, 2013

  • Presenting Across AV Industry Generations: Establish Rapport and Credibility Outside Your Peer Group
    Aug. 22, 2013


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