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InfoComm Update

March 18, 2015

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Three Trends Transforming the Conference Room; Pop-Up Events; Almo Pro A/V E4 Chicago; Submit Nominations for Awards in AV; Verifying Video System Performance; First CTS Holder From ISE; Weekly Reading; AV Mentor Network; Membership by the Numbers; Networking for the AV Industry

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Register for InfoComm 2015!


It's that time of year again. Time to register for the June show in Orlando, Fla., and start filling your dance card with training, certification, events and more. Online registration is now open, so don't delay. And meet the AV pro who beat you to the punch and became the first InfoComm 2015 attendee to sign up.


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Good Sound Sounds Good


"Video quality is easy to judge; sound quality, not so much." So begins QSC Audio's Mark Mayfield on the InfoComm All Voices Blog. Does that seem obvious? It should, and yet bad sound can still be a problem in our industry. With all the technological improvements over the years, could sound issues simply be issues of perception? Share your thoughts.


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Why Loyalty Matters to Manufacturers and What They Can Do to Earn It


For AV manufacturers, loyalty is precious. It needs to be earned and rewarded generously. Does your company do what it takes to build loyalty? And if you're a dealer or consultant, are you loyal to certain manufacturers and feel recognized for your steadfastness? One executive from a major AV manufacturer shares his thoughts: "Long-term loyalty is worth so much more than that single purchase order." Read more.


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How Tablets Have Influenced Control Systems Design


It hasn't always been for the better. As customers expect to be able to control enterprise AV systems using their personal tablets or smartphone devices, AV professionals need to make sure they manage expectations and navigate the possible hurdles to achieving complete functionality. Is the best control experience a more limited control experience? You decide.


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The Life of a Tech Manager


What does it mean to manage AV/IT technology in an age of converged systems? How have responsibilities and skill-sets changed? And how did tech managers get where they are anyway? We asked several how they took their AV expertise and applied it to corporations, universities and more. "With users, many times they don't understand the system or have a bad experience, which breeds fear," says one. "I try to prevent that." Read the special report.


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More News From InfoComm

 Three Trends Transforming the Conference Room

Needless to say, they don't include boxed lunches, overhead projectors and task lighting (although that last one can be important). No, in the 21st century, meetings are all about better and faster communication and collaboration. How many of these technologies have you incorporated into your conference rooms?

 Best Practices in Pop-Up Events

Nothing lasts forever, but the notion of a "pop-up event" has taken transience to a new level. Locations touting themselves as "venues" for abruptly-appearing, short-lived events (think streets, lots and vacant buildings), offer a number of possibilities. But that kind of impermanence has implications for AV systems. Read more.

 Almo Pro A/V Gets Attendees ‘Fully Charged' at E4 Chicago

Almo Professional A/V is giving resellers, integrators and consultants the opportunity to charge up their businesses by attending the E4 AV Tour, coming to Chicago on March 26.

"Our E4 theme is ‘Fully Charged' because we are focusing on giving our attendees the business fuel they need to stay plugged in and energized in 2015," says Melody Craigmyle, Vice President of Marketing for Almo Professional A/V. "The E4 — education, expo, explore and exchange — formula works. Our high-energy environment is designed to leave attendees fully charged as they become stronger, smarter and more efficient with the way they go about business this year."

E4 Chicago will include a new HDBaseT Installer Expert Program, designed for both beginners and experts alike. At the conclusion of the course, participants receive an HDBaseT Expert Certificate and InfoComm International® CTS® renewal units (RUs).

E4 Chicago includes two education tracks, covering business and technical topics, many worth InfoComm RUs. InfoComm Senior Staff Instructor Tom Kehr, CTS-D, CTS-I, will lead the following sessions:

  • Successful Project Management for AV Design & Installation (1 CTS RU)
  • What's That Noise? (1 CTS RU)

The E4 program offers a full day of educational sessions, as well as access to the new AV products and services. Registration is still open for next week's E4 event.

 Submit Nominations for Awards in AV

Do you know someone who is an exceptional individual in the AV industry? Nominate him or her for an InfoComm International award. With eight different honors, you could nominate a peer or two for each one. New for 2015: the CTS Holder of the Year Award.

Applications are due April 15. Learn more.

 Now See Here: How to Verify Video System Performance

Just because you've finished installing that new video system doesn't mean you're finished. AV systems performance verification is a critical part of AV integration, because it helps ensure that what you've built is what the customer wanted. Start with these five pointers, then explore further how to verify video system performance.

 The First CTS Holder to Come Out of ISE

Neil Whybrow, CTS

Neil Whybrow, CTS, of Feltech in the U.K., was the first person to pass the CTS exam at last month's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam. "Adding one of the only industry-recognized qualifications to my name and to our business's credentials reassures potential customers and existing clients alike that not only do we have the relevant skill-set, but we are also striving for continuous improvement amongst our employees and we are maintaining our position at the forefront of the industry," Whybrow says.

If you're going to InfoComm 2015, you could earn your CTS at the show and sign your name on the #CTSWall. With onsite test prep options, you could study for the exam and take it right at the show — all before the show floor opens. Plus, taking the exam at InfoComm 2015 could be an advantage. Watch one of your peers explain why.

 What's Going on in the Tech World?

Okay, so maybe you can't always catch up on Weekly Reading every single week. Here's a list of past issues. Click and enjoy!

You can also find a list of all Weekly Reading blogs.

 Find Your AV Mentor — or Become One

Whether you're just starting out in the industry or you're an experienced veteran, InfoComm International's AV Mentor Network can match you with someone you can learn from and develop a professional relationship with — free for InfoComm members. Find out more and apply today.

 Membership by the Numbers

Do you know how much you or your business could save through an InfoComm membership? With unlimited access to select training classes, free admission to trade shows around the world and more, the savings can add up quickly. Plus, when you maintain a well-trained workforce, you'll get even more back by investing in your employees.

Glimpse your savings now.

 Become IT's Trusted Partner

With AV falling more and more under the IT umbrella, integrators and designers need a working knowledge of how AV systems function on a network. Both AV and IT professionals must have the same understanding of technology and terminology in order to troubleshoot AV/IT issues if customers experience problems.

Call +1.703.273.7200 to enroll in networking classes at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, or browse network training opportunities around the world, such as the AMX-Supported Networking for the AV Industry Programme, with sessions starting soon in the U.K., Australia, the Netherlands and Sweden.

 Upcoming Webinars

  • AV/IT in Higher Education: Managing People, Spaces and Technology
    April 1

  • 15 Proven Ways to Eliminate Waste and Boost Profits
    April 15


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