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October 15, 2014

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Itís AV Month!; Design Online; Unauthorized Study Materials Alert; Other Side of the Fence; CTS Prep Your Way; Communication in Auditoriums; Download the AV Systems Performance Verification Guide; Highlights from the AV Executive Conference; Exceptional Experiences Explained; Sustainability Toolkit; Smart Cities

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Now Hear This: Creating Exceptional Experiences


When content, technology and space come together in perfect balance, it results in an exceptional AV experience thatís just what the customer wanted — and more. Listen to AV executives from AVI Systems, the Clarient Group and K2 as they discuss what an exceptional experience means to their companies, their clients and the AV industry as a whole. Tune in now.


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The True Value of Videoconferencing?


How many times have you heard that videoconferencing — and by extension unified communications and collaboration — reduces travel? If that were the case, wouldn't business travel be down instead of up? For many users of online conferencing tools, travel remains an important part of life. Instead, videoconferencing and other collaboration tools serve a new and increasingly significant purpose. Read about it.


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Big Video: Churches See the Light


The humble house of worship is often a trailblazer in the use of audiovisual technology. From projection-mapping to large-scale LED videowalls, many of todayís modern churches are focusing on what members see in order to underscore what they hear. "We're moving toward an environment in which we no longer have to be limited to conventional formats," says one AV integrator. Read the special report.


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Weekly Reading: Comedy Club Charges by the Laugh


You've been there. Dim comedy club, hefty cover charge, and an uninspiring act who couldn't make a clown smile. One enterprising company has come up with a technology solution that supposedly ensures you only pay for what's actually funny. Read about this and other carefully curated tech stories in the All Voices Blog. And make Weekly Reading part of your, um, weekly reading.


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More News From InfoComm

 It's AV Month!

October is the month the audiovisual community unites to celebrate, promote and share the AV industry with the world. Because an AV Week just wasn't long enough to trumpet all the good news. Teach a workshop, give a tour, hold a career fair. If you need ideas or useful materials for your AV Month celebration, visit InfoComm's AV Month Toolkit online.

 Design. Online. Anytime.

If you've wanted to take a deep dive into AV design but haven't been able to make it to an InfoComm University™ classroom course, AV Design Level 1, 2 and 3 are now available as online courses. You can take them whenever youíd like and at your own pace.

Perhaps nothing compares to the in-person learning experience of Design Bootcamp, but the brand-new AV Design Online courses offer a good, affordable alternative. Use them as a helpful reference; reinforce what you learned in Bootcamp before testing for your CTS®-D; or explore updates since you last took the courses to gain valuable CTS renewal units (35 in all).

"AV Design Level 1: Environment Online was not only a good refresher, but I also learned several new concepts and math formulas which I can use in my day-to-day design work. The material brings the theory into reality and covers the basics of what a designer should be doing for every room."
— Mike Morrow, CTS-D, Design Engineer, Unified AV Systems

The new AV Design Online includes new features, videos and the most up-to-date, testable information. To get a feel for this exciting set of courses, watch this video. Then visit to learn more about the design program and enroll.

 Unauthorized Study Materials Alert

Remember, is the only source for official InfoComm University education and CTS certification practice exams. If you see these materials on a website other than, they could be fraudulent. InfoComm is currently working with legal counsel to remove such materials and protect its trademarks and copyrights.

 The Other Side of the Fence

There are customers and there are those who serve customers. What happens when a university's AV technology manager takes a job with an AV manufacturer? This happens, for starters. InfoComm welcomes a new All Voices blogger.

 CTS Prep Your Way

Depending on when you want to take the Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS) exam, it could be hard to find an in-person class to help boost your confidence and identify your trouble spots. But don't worry. There is an online option for busy professionals: CTS Prep Online.

Many InfoComm University™ students enjoy online courses because they are self-paced and perfect for fitting into their busy schedules. Plus, this prep course is free for InfoComm members. Or, if you learn better from books, check out the Certified Technology Specialist CTS Exam Guide, Second Edition.

"In my opinion, CTS Prep was a very good indicator of what to expect on the CTS® exam. The material covered provided students with ample information to draw from."
—Clare Peters, CTS, University of Alberta

Start your prep today.

 The Triangle of Communication in Auditoriums

Craig Janssen, Secretary-Treasurer of the InfoComm International® Board and Managing Director of Idibri, shares his insights on auditorium design, with an eye toward maximizing communication in these tricky spaces. As technology evolves, so will the way audiences and presenters connect. Read and share your thoughts.

 Download the AV Systems Performance Verification Guide

The brand-new Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification Guide serves as a companion to ANSI/INFOCOMM standard 10:2013. It describes how to implement each verification item in the standard through theory and sample test sheets. Download the guide as a PDF or as an ePub, which you can read on most tablet and mobile devices. Learn more and start raising the bar on your projects today.

 Highlights From the AV Executive Conference

Missed the AV Executive Conference in September? Not to worry, we've got links to photos, insights, blog posts and the AVEC podcast right here.

Which of your colleagues was sporting the sharpest golf attire?

 Exceptional Experiences Explained

Today's AV professionals are not in the equipment business — they're in the experience business, combining content, space and technology to craft an event, communicate a message and more. InfoComm is dedicated to promoting "exceptional experiences" through education, certification, industry standards and in-person events. What goes into creating an exceptional experience? Take a look at this video.

 New Sustainability Toolkit

Events are unique customer experiences. Increasingly, organizers are seeking to create events that showcase their brand and organizational values around corporate responsibility and sustainability — and they'll be looking to AV companies for help. Check out InfoComm's new Sustainability Toolkit, an online resource of standards and best practices for producing green events.

 Why the AV Industry Should Care About Smart Cities

The latest Smart Building Conference recently concluded in London. But in the All Voices Blog, we're thinking even bigger. Here's why the AV industry might also want to pay attention to smart building technology on a citywide scale.

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  • Understanding Digital Video Formats — From DVI-D to Thunderbolt and More!
    Oct. 22

  • Why Most Partnerships Fail — 5 Keys to Success
    Oct. 22

  • Manufacturers' Training: Kramer Electronics Introduces a New Way to Connect, Collaborate and Engage
    Oct. 29


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