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July 10, 2013

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Success Comes From Doing Things Differently; New Install Courses; AV Systems Performance Verification Standard Review; Networked AV Systems in August; Top 150 AV Apps; Thanks for Listening; InfoComm Roundtable Tour Travels to Canada, Denver; Benefits of Belonging: InfoComm JobSite

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Executive Update: InfoComm's Strategic Plan


In 2014, InfoComm International® will celebrate its 75th anniversary. Because of you, InfoComm has never been in better condition, but now is not a time to rest. Over the last decade, the pace of change in our industry has been swift and constant. And there's no reason to believe this trend won't continue. To help navigate change, the InfoComm Board of Directors and I have developed a strategic plan to make your association the most effective it can be for each of you, regardless of your industry role.

Read InfoComm Executive Director and CEO David Labuskes', CTS®, RCDD, Executive Update in its entirety.


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The Good Times Roll


If you thought a record InfoComm 2013 show was good news, wait until you read the latest Economic Snapshot Survey from InfoComm International. Spoiler alert: AV companies appear psyched for their business prospects. InfoComm's Brad Grimes takes you inside the new study to explain a number of firsts, and why companies can take heart that their future looks bright. It's all in the InfoComm All Voices Blog.


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Is Sustainable AV on the Outs?


Could it be that talk of green AV was just talk? That a few short years after sustainability became an important topic in pro AV, people have put it on the back burner? Our expert and 2012 InfoComm Sustainable AV Award winner thinks not. Companies may talk less about green AV, but that just means the industry is hitting the reset button and getting its second wind. What do you think?


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Thin is In: The Case for DisplayPort


In 2006, a digital display interface standard was approved and its name didn't start with "H" or end in "DMI." A standard, you ask? Yes, a true, royalty-free standard from the folks who brought you Super VGA. So what ever happened to DisplayPort, and will companies ever start using it in force? Yes, yes they will, as evidence suggests. Read all about it.


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The Hidden Path to Predictable Success


Your AV company is earning business and enjoying success — no matter how young or old it is. But did you know that over the lifespan of that company, it will experience seven stages of growth? You will if you attend the InfoComm AV Executive Conference. Get a preview of serial entrepreneur Les McKeown's presentation on those crucial seven stages.


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More News from InfoComm

 AV Executive Conference: Success Comes From Doing Things Differently

David Nour, CEO of The Nour Group Inc., will be speaking at the InfoComm AV Executive Conference, Sept. 10-12, 2013, at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Fla. Register now. According to Nour, working with a broad base of clients on their growth strategies in the past decade has proven that many leaders tend to dig for gold 50 feet below the surface right here, when it's actually located five feet below the surface over there. Read more.

 AV Project Management 101

All new! Have you ever wished you had all of InfoComm University™ instructor Brad Malone's project management advice in one portable document? Wish no more. Now you can download all his useful articles — plus a few bonus insights — in one, easy-to-read format. Get Brad's Project Management for AV Professionals from the Project Management Series web page today.

 New Install Courses: Before and After Power

InfoComm University is unveiling an all new installation curriculum, customized to your on-the-job needs. System Fabrication, July 22-24 in Fairfax, Va., will guide you through everything you need to know before you power up the rack — termination methods, fiber-optic cable installation and advanced rack building. Setup and Verification, July 25-27 in Fairfax, Va., covers how to set up and test a system after it's powered on. Call +1.703.273.7200 to enroll. And ask for a sneak peek at new online install courses.

 AV Systems Performance Verification Standard Review Begins

Public review and comment for InfoComm's latest draft standard, 10-2013 Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification, is underway. The public is encouraged to download the draft and provide comments by Aug. 12 at 5 p.m. EDT. The standard provides a framework and supporting processes for determining elements of an audiovisual system that need to be verified; the timing of that verification within the project delivery cycle; a process for determining verification metrics, and reporting procedures.

 Networked AV Systems in August

George Brosie, CTS-D

"Any AV technical person without IT training who works with IT should take this course."
—George Brosie, CTS®-D, Vice President of Design and Integration, Innovative Technology Group L.L.C.

Find out why more and more of your peers are calling this a must-take course. Enroll in Networked AV Systems, Aug. 19-21 in Fairfax, Va. Not sure if you're ready for the advanced course? Start with the new Networking Technology Online.

 Top 150 AV Apps

Want to know what productivity and reference tools your peers are using? Check out the list of AV apps [PDF] that professionals just like you put together at InfoComm 2013. You'll love the options, and they touch on all aspects of AV.

 Thanks for Listening

More than 100 InfoComm 2013 attendees participated in the Spectral Balance Standards Study. InfoComm sends a big thank you to all of the volunteers who listened and set up this program. Stay tuned for the results. To better understand how spectral balance factors into InfoComm's suite of standards, read about our work with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and others.

 InfoComm Roundtable Tour Travels to Canada

Join InfoComm members and staff at the Vancouver Roundtable on July 18, 2013, at the River Rock Casino Resort. Hear the presentation Shift Happens! Thriving on Change by Jim Feldman, CEO of Shift Happens! In addition, Duffy Wilbert, CTS®, CAE, Senior Vice President of Member Services at InfoComm, will present What's New? What's Next? — AV Industry and InfoComm Update. Save your spot.

 Roundtable Tour Stops in Denver

Network with AV industry peers at the Marriott Denver Tech Center, Aug. 8, 2013. Learn how to connect InfoComm's standards to project management principles when Paul Streffon, MBA, CTS-D, CTS®-I, Network+, Senior Staff Instructor of InfoComm International presents Project Management Using InfoComm's Standards. Earn up to 1 CTS renewal unit for attending. Register now.

 Benefits of Belonging: InfoComm JobSite

Looking for AV talent? Try posting your opening on the InfoComm JobSite. InfoComm members get significant discounts on all job postings. Use promo code SUMMER25 to save an extra 25 percent!

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    July 11, 2013

  • AV Outreach Through Thought Leadership
    July 25, 2013

  • Navigating the Changing Tides in the Church Market
    July 30, 2013


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