David Aleksandersen

David Aleksandersen is the CEO of Smart Simulation AS, a company delivering visualization and simulation experiences based in Norway. He has worked in the global visualization industry for the past 10 years, and has experience in sales, education and product marketing.

Before joining Smart Simulation AS, he was Product Marketing Manager at Barco. Aleksandersen was responsible for the entire range of products in the Entertainment and Corporate division’s portfolio, selling in markets such as corporate AV, digital cinema, rental and staging, scientific visualization, and simulation and training.

Prior to that, his key roles were Academy Manager and Regional Sales Manager at projection design.

Aleksandersen has strong experience in working across various industries. During his work history, he has held senior board, business and product development roles to bring new and emerging products, technologies and services to market. He holds a Bachelor's degree in computer sciences and has been invited as panel moderator, presenter and trainer at a number of trade and industry shows.