CTS Renewal Application (Online Version)


Type: Form or Application

Topics: Certification

Log in to InfoComm University and access your CTS transcript to begin the renewal process.

Follow the prompts when completing your application and refer to these instructions.

  1. Log in to InfoComm University and select the “My Education History/CTS Renewal Transcript.”
  2. Verify that the RUs you earned through InfoComm courses are listed. 
  3. If applicable, click “Add RU Provider Course” and select other training you completed. You must include the certificate of completion.
  4. When you have the required RUs listed on the transcript, and if you are within the permissible renewal period, select “Renew Your CTS.” 
  5. Verify your indicative data, electrically sign the code of ethics, and enter your payment information. 
  6. You will receive a receipt for your renewal transaction as confirmation. 
  7. Shortly after, the courses listed on your CTS renewal transcript will move to the Education History tab.

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