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AV Month

It has been a tradition in years past. In October, the audiovisual community has united to celebrate, promote and share the AV industry with the world. A natural extension of InfoComm International's AV outreach program, AV Month has given companies tangible ways to become advocates for the industry by reaching out to end users, potential customers and employees. 

With many voices, we can:

  • Make an impact in raising awareness
  • Encourage students to consider AV careers
  • Change perceptions about the industry 
  • Create media opportunities with print and broadcast news coverage of these events

AV companies and professionals can participate in many ways:

  • An AV director at a university might sponsor a workshop on how to produce an effective presentation — for students and faculty.
  • A manufacturer or dealer may offer special incentives for AV buyers.
  • A design consultant might host a tour of an AV installation for a group of architects.
  • An integrator may hold a career fair at its headquarters or speak before a group of students on the job opportunities and required skills for AV professionals.
  • AV pros may want to write articles for their local newspapers about the industry.

InfoComm is not formally celebrating AV Month in 2015, as we look to reimagine the program. But we encourage members to celebrate the AV industry in their own way whenever the urge strikes, whether it’s in October or anytime throughout the year.

InfoComm's AV Month Tool Kit gives you materials to promote the industry, participate and deliver consistent messages to various audiences. Planning any special events of your own? Share them with us at AVMonth@infocomm.org and we will make sure to amplify your message.

We look forward to partying with you throughout the months and years ahead.