Randy Pagnan, CTS, ISF-C

Randy J. Pagnan, CTS, ISF-C, is the President of rp Visual Solutions. He has been involved in the visual display industry for more than two decades, specializing in 24/7 displays for large-venue display applications. He serves network operation centers, gaming environments and utility control/command centers, etc. He is one of the premier educators in rear-projection technology.

After earning an MBA in Accounting, Pagnan began his AV career in the 1980s in accounting at Electrohome (now Christie). He quickly developed interest in visual displays and moved into sales, where he eventually became Vice-President of Sales worldwide, specializing in Network Command and Control Centers. In the 1990s, he was International Vice-President of Sales for American Video Communications. He served as Chief Operating Officer for Large Screen Displays in 2000-2004, spearheading the Pi Projected Images custom fabrication and rear screen manufacturing side. Pagnan established rp Visual Solutions in 2005 to serve AV dealers, integrators and consultants in developing innovative visual displays tailored to fit their client’s needs.

Pagnam was the 2007 Chairman and 2006 President of InfoComm International, and he has been involved with both the InfoComm Design School and Chair of the InfoComm Manufacturer’s Council. He has been fundamental in the continuing success of InfoComm’s “Growth Through Knowledge” initiative.