Steve Savanyu

Steve Savanyu, Audio-Technica’s Market Manager for installed sound, broadcast and theater, has 30 years of sound and production experience. He is responsible for Audio-Technica’s marketing activities in the installed sound, broadcast and theater market areas. He also shares expertise in sound contracting and system design and installation, and provides technical support to end users, contractors, consultants and reps. His previous positions include owner/operator of audio-video media production company Stonewood Studios and Director of Training/Product Market Manager at Dukane Corporation.

"The satisfaction in teaching is seeing people share ideas, methods and experience. Every situation can become a learning experience, and I enjoy the opportunity to share in my knowledge as well as learn from those I teach. Finally, I enjoy teaching because of the 'light-bulb' moments, when someone in the class has that certain look of 'Now I get it.' You can almost see the bulbs going off over their heads!" — Steve Savanyu