Jay Rogina

Joseph (Jay) Rogina has more than 30 years of managerial and technical experience in the support of customers at various top electronic firms. It is this experience which has allowed Jay to make Spinitar one of the preeminent system integrators and service providers in the audiovisual industry.

As a Principal, Jay focuses on providing Spinitar’soverall strategic direction and visionary leadership while fostering Spinitar’sstrong customer, manufacturer and industry partner relationships. Jay’s stellar reputation and charismatic leadership has helped Spinitar establish strong relationships with numerous industry manufacturers, partners, customers and consultants. In addition, Jay helped Spinitar establish an internal education and communication training program as means of staying abreast of the latest industry trends, technologies and best practices.

Jay also served as the President of InfoComm International’s board, and an officer for four years, with an additional three years as a Board Member, making him well respected in the audiovisual industry.

Jay is a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology and holds managerial program certificates from LaVerne University, AFSMI and Dale Carnegie.