Research Firms


Type: Article, Report or Whitepaper

Topics: AV Industry; Marketing and Sales

The following market analyst firms provide research on the AV industry. Visit their websites for free information and resources and in-depth research reports for purchase.

Cleverdis provides information and buyers' decision-making tools in the areas of display, digital peripheral, mobile computing and telecommunications industry.

CriticalEYE™ focuses on corporate intelligence and strategic thought in its niche business magazine, online and printed.

DisplaySearch surveys and reports on the entire display industry food chain, including component and equipment manufacturers, display producers, OEMs, distributors and retailers.

Fusion Consulting is a business intelligence consultancy providing market intelligence and strategy on the Asian AV market, coordinating 300 consultants in 14 countries from its offices in Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. (see Fusion Consulting whitepapers)

Futuresource Consulting is a specialist research and knowledge-based consulting company with a heritage stretching back to the 1980s. Operating within the AV, consumer and professional electronics, digital imaging, entertainment media and associated industries, its insight and global market coverage are based on regional expertise, ensuring accurate future-proof reporting.

IDC has analysts in 50 countries and provides global, regional and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends.

Insight Media covers final microdisplay-based products in near-to-eye and projection segments, and all of the component and subsystem technologies. This includes microdisplay devices, illumination systems, screens, electronics, films & optics and light engines.

InterConnection Consulting Group tracks the developments of more than 30 sectors in the display and CCTV industries, providing market tracking, distribution reports, price and brand surveys, strategic consulting and quick ad-hoc expertise.

McLaughlin Consulting Group provides decision support for the display industry and co-hosts the Projection Summit conference, providing custom and multi-client studies focused on projection markets and technologies, a proprietary Projector Cost/Lumens Model, market forecasts for business and home front and rear projection, and custom projects such as projector teardown analysis.

Pacific Media Associates is a high-tech market research and publishing firm that specializes in providing information on large-screen display products, markets and manufacturers.

Parks Associates focuses on all product and service segments that are "digital" or provide connectivity within the home, including home networks, digital entertainment, consumer electronics, broadband and Internet services, and home systems. (see Parks Associates whitepapers)

Quixel Research reports on global data and trends centered on the high-growth home theater and home entertainment market based on consumer buying behaviors and preferences.

The Schlar Consulting Group specializes in technical consulting and marketing services for hardware and software vendors, service providers, integrators, and end users. This includes: market research, competitive analysis, strategic planning, product evaluations, and technical writing in the areas of video streaming/webcasting, video/audio conferencing, IPTV, Distance/Elearning and Unified Communications.

SCRI International, Inc. serves the broadcast and professional video/audio sectors, providing both multi-client and custom market research to equipment manufacturers, trade magazines, associations, investment firms and other industry analysts.

TFCinfo focuses on tracking monthly sales and inventory of advanced display products through wholesale distributors; and conducting full-service and custom market research projects for display industry participants.

Wainhouse Research analyzes the technologies, products, vendors, applications, and market trends in the visual collaboration and rich media communications marketplace. (see Wainhouse Research whitepapers)

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