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Topics: AV Equipment; InfoComm Products and Services

What is it?
The InfoComm EZip format is a standardized format that manufacturers and dealers can use to for pricing information. It is intended to streamline the process of importing pricing data into dealer pricing databases from multiple vendors.

How does it work?
A pre-defined Excel spreadsheet is used. Manufacturers populate their appropriate data fields, distribute the spreadsheets however they individually choose (and to whomever they choose), and dealers write a common import filter for whatever data system they use. Excel was chosen as the format due to its widespread availability and ease of use.

What does it cost?
There is no charge for this template.

How can I be assured that competitors won’t have access to my pricing?
InfoComm is not involved in the distribution of pricing in any way. Each manufacturer handles the distribution of pricing to each dealer based upon their policies and procedures.

How is discounting applied?
There are multiple price columns available for manufacturers to choose from. A basic set of information is mandatory, along with a wide variety of optional information each manufacturer may use as applicable.

Is it possible to receive the price list(s) through an FTP Feed (File Transfer Protocol)?
The Excel template and field definition document are available to download from InfoComm’s web site. Distribution of completed price sheets is up to each manufacturer to determine their method of distribution.

How do I ensure that only authorized dealers get my pricing?
EZip is not a means to distribute pricing; it is simply a common pricing format. You maintain COMPLETE control of the distribution of your pricing.

Can I give different pricing to different dealers?
Absolutely! All that would be required to support different pricing tiers/levels would be to create a different EZip file for each level required (Gold, Premier, Super Deluxe, and so on). You can create as many different EZip documents as you need.

How can I be certain that EZip is secure?
Because EZip is a spreadsheet file specification and not a distribution method, you remain in complete control of your pricing information and the EZip file, and therefore the document is as secure as any of your current documents.

Can I still use other means to distribute pricing and use EZIP as well?
Yes it is recommended. EZip is intended primarily for the ingestion of data into electronic systems NOT for “on screen” viewing. It is recommended to retain electronic pricing (PDF or Excel) intended for “on screen” or printed viewing.

What is my responsibility as a dealer?
If a dealer intends on utilizing EZip, you would want to make it a point, if not a requirement, for the manufacturer to provide their price list in the EZip format to your organization. You can direct manufacturers to for information on how to take advantage of this tool.

What is my responsibility as a manufacturer?
If you as a manufacturer adopt EZip, you would want to inform your dealers of your intention to do so and direct them to for information on how to take advantage of this tool.

Do Dealers have to be an InfoComm member to use it?
No. EZip was created by InfoComm’s SAVVI (Dealer) and Manufacturer Councils for the benefit of the industry.