Take the Mystique and Fear Out of Your Decisions


Type: Recorded Webinar

Topics: Business and Management; Project Management

Date: December 2012

You make decisions every day, but do you really know what they are? People say they make decisions based on the information available, but actually, the reverse is true. A decision is only necessary when you don’t have information available — because a decision is “the course of action you intend to take when it isn’t obvious what to do.” The uncertainty (and sometimes anxiety) about making them comes from not being sure of the outcomes or consequences. The scary part is what you don’t know, not what you do know!

This webinar will help you understand the process better and remove much of your doubt that what you intend to do is the right thing. We’ll discuss the decision-making process itself and how others perceive your style of decision-making. You’ll learn about tools that reduce risk and uncertainty, ways to measure the importance of a decision and how to safely delegate decision-making to others, resulting in better and more quickly made decisions.

You’ll get success-proven ideas you can share with your staff that will improve their confidence, empower them to be more proactive, reduce your workload and get better results.


Bill Sharer, Exxel Management & Marketing Corp

Bill Sharer, MBA, CTS, is President of Exxel Management & Marketing Corp. Lambertville, NJ. He has worked extensively with scores of AV manufacturers, integrators, consultants, staging companies and others in sales, marketing, management and organizational issues. A regular contributor to trade publications, Sharer has also led hundreds of seminars and workshops, is Senior Faculty at InfoComm University™ and was InfoComm’s Educator of the Year in 2004.