Audiovisual Systems Project Documentation Sample

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Type: Book

Topics: Installation; Standards

InfoComm International® is pleased to offer a coordinated example of the unique documentation required for AV systems showing how the audiovisual systems documents relate to documentation from allied professions. In addition, the collection illustrates elements of the Audiovisual Systems Design and Coordination Components Performance Standard. The documents are divided into sections based upon either 1) the project phase, or 2) the professional entity that prepares the documents.

Users of this collection are cautioned that this sample represents one of many ways to document a project, and may not conform to the conventions used by the user’s organization. None of these documents is an absolute, perfect, industry-standardized example. The examples are drawn from:

  • A combination of actual documents used to construct the InfoComm University Classroom in Fairfax, VA
  • Examples from other audiovisual consultants and audiovisual systems integrators
  • New documents developed specifically for this collection