AV Installation Handbook — Second Edition

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Type: Book

Topics: Installation

Date: January 2009

InfoComm International's AV Installation Handbook Second Edition: The Best Practices for Quality Audiovisual Systems, contains color photos and clear instruction regarding proper cable termination techniques, rack building, cable handling and mounting.

Chapters include:

  • Audio Systems
  • Video Systems
  • Connectivity and Control Systems

Plus, an appendix with an Audiovisual Systems Commissioning Checklist and AV Math Formulas serves as a useful on-the-job reference.

"Quality installers are the backbone of the professional AV industry," said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director, InfoComm International. "The amount spent to train workers to perform a quality job is far exceeded by the savings realized by integrators that don't have to redo poor installations. InfoComm believes this book will help the industry save money, time and the embarrassment of fixing a problem at a customer site."

The AV Installation Handbook costs $125 for members and $179 for non-members. Discounted rates are available for those purchasing 10 or more copies. Companies interested in purchasing the Handbook can contact or call 1.800.659.7469.

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