Successful AV Industry Mergers & Acquisitions


Type: Recorded Webinar

Topics: Business and Management

Date: March 2013

Not all merger and acquisition (M&A) marriages are made in heaven. What are the key factors that make a deal a win-win? What are the top four elements of a successful post-sale integration plan? What problems can be prevented in the due diligence period? This webinar presents examples of both successful and unsuccessful transactions with the reasons why.

Hypothetical examples from a composite of industry experience will be used to illustrate key points.

  • Define the parameters for a successful win-win merger or acquisition.
  • Characterize multiple examples of transactions including one AV integrator, one design firm, and one manufacturer.
  • Define the four key parameters for successful post-sale integration of the two companies.
  • Clarify what happens in due diligence before an agreement is signed and why that period is so critically important.
  • Suggest do's and don'ts relative to determining if you are ready to buy or sell.

John Stiernberg, Founder and Principal Consultant, Stiernberg Consulting