ANSI/INFOCOMM 1M-2009, Audio Coverage Uniformity in Enclosed Listener Areas


Type: Standard

Topics: Standards

Date: November 2009

The Audio Coverage Uniformity in Listening Areas (A102.01:2017) draft standard is open for public review and comment from 25 November 2016 to 9 January 2017 (5:00 PM EST).

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If approved, this Standard will supersede ACU 1M-2009.


Audio Coverage Uniformity in Enclosed Listener Areas

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One of the fundamental goals of sound system performance for both speech reinforcement and program audio is the delivery of consistent coverage in the listening area. A well executed audio system design is one that allows all listeners to hear the system at approximately the same sound pressure level throughout the desired frequency spectrum range, no matter where positioned in the designated listening area. This standard provides a procedure to measure this spatial coverage, and criteria for use in the design and commissioning of audio systems.

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Publication Date:

November 2009


ACU, audio coverage uniformity, audio system, critical distance, listener area, sound pressure level, sound system, spatial coverage, uniformity

Task Group Members:

  • Frederick Ampel, Technology Visions, Moderator
  • Norman Cleary
  • Eric Cronwall, CTS-D, Avidex Industries LLC
  • Christopher Maione, CTS-D, Christopher Maione Associates
  • Steve Mills, CTS-D, CTS-I
  • Ray Rayburn, FAES, K2 Audio, LLC
  • Peter Swanson, CTS, AMX Corporation

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