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APEx Point Values: Medium Companies

Points Needed to Obtain APEx Status

100 points annually

Conformance to InfoComm standards: 2M-2010 and 10:2013 or
met/exceeded InfoComm standards requirements through internal processes of your own

REQUIRED, Earns 40 Points/year:
Conformance to both InfoComm standards or
conformance through internal processes of your own

InfoComm Certifications: CTS, CTS-D, CTS-I

REQUIRED, Earns 30 Points/year:
25% of Total Employees Must Have a CTS

Customer Response Survey

REQUIRED,  Earns 10 points/year:
4 Positive Customer Response Surveys

Core Values Agreement

REQUIRED, Earns 5 points/year

Additional CTS Certified Staff

Option 1: Additional points awarded at 2 points for each additional CTS and 3 points for each specialized CTS (CTS-D, CTS-I) on staff — Maximum 15 points/year

InfoComm Education

Option 2: 1 point awarded for each InfoComm Course taken — Maximum 15 points/year

Additional APEx Approved Certifications

Option 3: 1 Point awarded for each approved certification — Maximum 15 points/year