CEA/CEDIA/INFOCOMM J-STD-710, Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols


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Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols

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Technical / Developed jointly with CEA/CEDIA


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This document provides a standardized set of architectural floor plan and reflected ceiling plan symbols for audio, video and control systems, with associated technologies such as environmental control and communication networks. It also includes descriptions and guidelines for the use of these symbols.

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Task Group Members:

  • Ric Johnson, Elite Systems Solutions (Chair)
  • Dave Tkachuk, Symbol Logic (Chair)
  • Thomas Bause, NBC Universal
  • Mike Anderson, Niles Audio
  • Dr. Walter Black, VidCAD
  • Joe Bocchiaro, InfoComm International
  • Ann Brigida, InfoComm International
  • Thomas Chambers, ESA/Vector Security
  • Thomas Coffin, Simply Reliable Software
  • Michael Connors, Invision Home Systems
  • Ken Erdmann, The Erdmann Group
  • Joe Gittens, Security Industry Association
  • Rich Green, Rich Green Ink
  • Helen Heneveld, Bedrock Learning
  • Richard Locke,
  • Robert Mathews, Onepath Systems
  • Dave McNell, RTKL
  • Travis Misterek, Best Buy Co., Inc.
  • Budd Moseley, SYNNEX Corporation
  • Bruce Nordman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Rob Sabin, Electronics Design Group
  • Mark Stockfisch, Quantam Data, Inc.
  • Dale Stolitzka, Analog Devices, Inc.
  • Pete Swanson, AMX Australia
  • Tameez Sunderji, Rovi Corporation
  • Adam Theis,
  • John Umina, iHome Systems
  • Yeqing Wang, Motorola Mobility, Inc.
  • Darrin Yoxtheimer, AVI-SPL
  • Walt Zerbe, Russound
  • Ronald Zimmer - CABA

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