Pat Brown


Pat Brown and his wife Brenda own Synergetic Audio Concepts. With a degree in electrical engineering technology and a background as a musician, sound technician, retail music store owner, contractor and consultant, he is familiar with the many aspects of audio. He served as an associate instructor to audio legend and Syn-Aud-Con founder Don Davis. Brown has the unique gift of being able to share his knowledge of complex technical topics in an easy-to-understand real world manner through multi-media demonstrations. Synergetic Audio Concepts is recognized as being an industry leader in audio education.

Brown is the editor of Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter and also writes monthly articles for other publications. Syn-Aud-Con has given private seminars to many companies, including the Kennedy Space Center, Disney World, Sea World, IMAX and Purdue University. His teaching experience is not limited to the United States. He has taught seminars in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and Canada.