Steve Brooks


After being introduced to the records of The Ventures in the mid 1960s, Steve Brooks picked up the electric guitar at the tender age of 11, beginning a lifelong passion for electronics and live/recorded sound. After playing music fulltime till 1977, and realizing more money could be made in a “regular job”, he earned an Associates degree in Industrial Electronics and started his career in electronics working at Cambridge Thermionic Corporation as an electronics technician. After moving to Phoenix in 1990, Brooks started work as the Service Manager for Stage Sound, a local AV rental house. From here he moved to the installation department, where he designed, installed and serviced 70V distributed sound systems. He has been with Atlas Sound since 2003, starting in Technical Support and now is the Regional Sales Manager for Atlas in the Northeast region of the United States.

"One of the most rewarding aspects about teaching at InfoComm is being in front of people who really are passionate about learning!"