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  • Corelytics Financial Service — InfoComm has retained Corelytics to compile statistical data from participating pro-AV companies. The goal is to provide members with the most current and most accurate data available in order to monitor the overall health of the AV industry and to inform business decisions. InfoComm members receive a 20% discount on the Corelytics Dashboard subscription and get on-demand graphical trends, forecasts and benchmarks based on data derived from their accounting system. InfoComm members can sign up for the dashboard at
  • Insurance — The InfoComm International Business Insurance Program offers affordable premiums and broad coverage for owned, leased or rented AV equipment, workers' compensation, general liability and business automobiles. The InfoComm International Business Insurance Program is managed by Lighthouse Companies.
  • OfficeMax
  • PartnerShip® — PartnerShip, the endorsed shipping management provider for InfoComm International®, helps you save on every shipment you send and receive. This program is available to all InfoComm members with no obligations and no minimum shipping requirements. Members who enroll in the InfoComm Shipping Program save on select FedEx® services and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipments with other leading national and regional carriers.
  • Rook Interactive, Inc. — Rook Interactive, Inc., is a unique digital marketing firm that focuses on Internet marketing, search engine placement accountability, digital media practices, as well as effective marketing design and usability for the Web. Rook has been working with and advising business clients globally for 20 years in Internet usage, with a more recent focus on the multilayered marketing approach to building an effective tiered strategy for website placement, media coverage and social media effectiveness.