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Date: June 2011


Projected Image System Contrast Ratio

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This standard provides metrics for measurement and requirements for minimum contrast ratios for rear and front projection audiovisual projected image systems.

This standard applies to both permanent and temporary installations, defines projected image system contrast ratio and its measurement. This standard defines four contrast ratios based on content viewing requirements: Passive Viewing, Basic Decision Making, Analytical Decision Making, and Full Motion Video. The system contrast ratio refers to the image as it is presented to viewers in a space with ambient light. Metrics to measure and validate the defined contrast ratios are also provided.

The standard puts the needs of the viewer ahead of all other considerations. Its requirements move beyond individual performance factors of a projector and a screen, because the contrast ratio they can deliver is ultimately affected by the light in the space.

This standard provides important metrics for evaluating, planning and designing projected image system installations, setting minimum contrast ratios, and a procedure for measuring the contrast ratio provided by the system.

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Publication Date:

June 2011


Analytical decision making, audiovisual, audiovisual standard, AV,  AV system performance, basic decision making, contrast, contrast ratio, detail, digital signage, front projection, full motion video, image contrast, image quality, InfoComm, information, informational display, inspection, passive viewing, presentation, projected image, projector, projection, projection screen, rear projection, system contrast ratio, videoconferencing

Task Group Members:

  • Alan C. Brawn, CTS®, ISF-C, Brawn Consulting, Moderator
  • David Aleksandersen, Projection Design
  • Tim Anderson, 3LCD
  • Jonathan Brawn, CTS, ISF-C, Brawn Consulting
  • Ricardo Chen, Canon USA (LCoS)
  • Michael Davis, Texas Instruments (DLP)
  • Richard Green, HTDS, CCP-HTPS, Rich Green, Inc. (CEDIA volunteer member)
  • Greg Jeffreys, Paradigm Audio Visual Ltd. (U.K.)
  • Christopher Johnson, HTDS, CTS-D, AudioVisions
  • John Meehan, Panasonic Projector Systems, Inc.
  • David Pedigo, CEDIA
  • Don Stewart, CTS, Stewart Filmscreen
  • Grant Stewart, CTS, Stewart Filmscreen

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