How to Prepare for Your CTS Exam

Looking for one resource to prepare you for the exam?

The CTS Exam Guide is your study resource — if you excel at learning from books. You can fit this self-paced prep into your schedule anytime, anywhere.

The new CTS Exam Guide — Second Edition is now available. This updated version covers all topics in the 2013 exam update, including increased IT security, networking and business content.

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Learn best by collaborating with instructors and peers?

Enroll in InfoComm University™’s CTS Prep Virtual Classroom. In this four-week course, you’ll combine live, instructor-led learning with assignments and reviews. Many CTS® candidates have said that this course eased their nerves and helped them polish their AV math skills.

Test your skills with the Official CTS Practice Exam before you take the real exam.

Do you have several staff members you would like to enroll? Consider bringing CTS Prep right to your office as a three-day course. Contact us for details at +1.703.273.7200 or 1.800.659.7469.

Fast Track to CTS

If you have many years of AV experience, you might be ready to take the exam now.

Before you do:

Remember, you are not required to take any courses before you take your CTS exam.