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Scott Walker, LEED® AP, CTS-D

Scott Walker is president, CEO and a founding principal of Waveguide Consulting. He serves as principal-in-charge on many of Waveguide’s active projects and has primary responsibility for audiovisual design services. He has been an independent acoustical and audiovisual consultant since 1989, managing more than 100 projects and designing numerous multimillion dollar AV systems in various market sectors.

In addition to his duties at Waveguide, Walker was elected by his consultant peers to chair the 1999 ICIA consultants’ council. After two terms in this role, he was elected president of InfoComm and was the first independent consultant to hold the position in the 70-year history of this premier AV trade association. Following his tenure as president, he served as chair of the 2005 InfoComm Board of Governors.

In 2007, Walker made history when he became the world’s first LEED® accredited Certified Technology Specialist in Design (CTS-D). He currently chairs the InfoComm Performance Standards Committee.