2010 InfoComm 100 Presentations


Type: Article, Report or Whitepaper

Topics: AV Industry

Date: April 2010

On Collaboration Complexity, Effectiveness and Choice
Markku Allison, AIA

Transformational Collaboration: the Way of the Future
Ava J. Abramowitz, Esq.

Building Information Modeling
Jeffery S. Larrick, AIA, CGC, LEED AP

30 Social Tools in 30 Minutes
Maddie Grant and Lindy Dryer, SocialFish

A Meeting … a Workshop … a Think Tank … All About Opportunity
Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., InfoComm International

Outrunning the Tsunami of Change
Rex Miller, TAG Consulting

How will you Lead Your Company: Preparing Now for Business in 2015?
Paul D. Meyer, Teckler Consultants

InfoComm 100 Video Recording
Sonic Foundry