A View on the Near Future of the AV Industry


Type: Article, Report or Whitepaper

Topics: AV Industry

Date: June 2009

The attendees of the 2009 InfoComm 100 discussed the industry’s current conditions and trends in six primary categories:

  • Industry competition and structure
  • Technology and science
  • Demographics
  • Social values and client preferences
  • Global economics and the business climate
  • Legislative, regulatory and political climate

From the trends, the small groups created “Assumptions about the Relevant Future” over a three-five year planning horizon. Those assumptions that participants believed would have the greatest impact on the AV industry are listed as primary and other assumptions are listed as secondary.

Implications of Assumptions on the 3-5 Year Future of the AV Industry

The summit attendees next discussed and reported out the assumptions that would have the most significant impact on the industry’s future and the implications of those identified assumptions on the AV industry’s relevant future.