Reduce the Noise: InfoComm Education and Training for Live Events Professionals

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Type: Article, Report or Whitepaper

Topics: InfoComm Products and Services; Live Events

Date: July 2011

In AV, most of us like to turn up the volume. But when you hear everything, sometimes you miss out on the part of the message that is just for you. Take InfoComm University® education for live events professionals. In a recent focus group, live events senior executives said that they were unaware of InfoComm’s existing training designed for live events professionals.

With so many courses, delivered so many ways, it’s easy to see how these specific programs could get lost. Have you heard through the noise about these programs, many of them customized for you?

Quick Start to the Audiovisual Industry Online: This basic AV course is a free intro to the industry — perfect for any new hire, in any position.

Event Setup for AV Techs Online: A great start for new technicians, this online class is based on the book, InfoComm’s AV Setup Guide for Events, Meetings, Conferences and Classroom book. Don’t miss these step-by-step procedures for new employees. Plus, the course tests comprehension of the material, incorporates video demonstrations on pipe and drape installation and folding screen set up, and provides a downloadable reference.

Essentials of the AV Industry Online: Perfect for members of the sales team and for technicians who are thinking about project management roles,  this course is a comprehensive, introductory overview of science and technology for audio, visual and audiovisual systems integration with more than 240 lessons, quizzes to help determine if the employee understands the material.

InfoComm-Recognized AV Technologist Test: If you want to determine if someone fully grasps the wide range of the content from Essentials, this online test will give you an indication of strengths and weaknesses, along with their ability to take a test. This is not the CTS exam, but it is a good indicator if the person should move on to the CTS exam.

CTS Prep: Ease your CTS exam nerves by taking CTS Prep Virtual Classroom. Also available as an onsite, in-person course, CTS Prep helps hundreds of candidates prepare for the exam every year. You can also review for the exam with the new book, CTS Exam Guide.

Staging and Events Management: Available as a classroom course and a virtual classroom course, this is specifically designed for AV technicians with a minimum of two years experience. This course equips live event professionals with field-tested project management tools. Many companies have had this course conducted just for their employees, so they can learn together.

Trade Show Courses: InfoComm provides more advanced topics in Live Events at its trade shows worldwide.

Many live event companies, large and small, are already training their employees with these programs. Now that you have heard the message, what are you waiting on? Give us a call, +1.703.273.7200, to find out how to build a customized package for your entire team or bring these courses and InfoComm instructors right to your office.