The Power of AV for Worship — Designing to Make Your Spaces Flexible


Type: Recorded Webinar

Topics: Best Practices; Design

Date: November 2012

Hear the best practices and case studies from Westover Church, Greensboro, NC.

Learning Objectives

The Importance of Gathering from Your Customer

  • Systems that meet customer needs
  • Not a "one size fits all" approach
  • Different leadership structures that have varying needs and wants
  • Having a tech staff that understands the systems

The Importance of Designing to the Site's Environment

  • The ability to hide technology from view
  • Keeping aesthetics in mind while planning systems that work for you
  • Technology should not overpower your space but complement it while not drawing attention to it

The Importance of Conducting a Vendor Selection Process

  • Having a vendor that listens to you instead of dictating approaches to you
  • Provides service after the sale
  • Represents product lines that will work for the project
  • A vendor that looks at the project with your best interest instead of being beneficial to a product quota

Bill Brown, Ideas for AV
Danny Slaughter, Westover Church
Doug Jennings, Westover Church
Jeff Neubauer, Westover Church