David Nour Series – Measuring Chaos in Innovation


Type: Recorded Webinar

Topics: Business and Management; Marketing and Sales

Date: August 2012

The current turbulent business climate, regardless of an organization’s profit status, geography, function or go-to-market structure, represents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is one of constant chaos where it is no longer sufficient to be an expert specialist in one’s field. The opportunity is one of uncovering innovative solutions to common and complex market challenges with flexible, adaptive, agile organizational infrastructures that can deal with the speed of social, economic and technological changes. Measuring, capturing and leveraging this chaos can become a strong asset to your innovation efforts.

In this fourth session of the InfoComm 2012 Innovation Webinar series you will learn:

  • Three unique types and key attributes of Chaos
  • The Chaos in Innovation Continuum – from “Blameworthy” to “Praiseworthy”
  • How to evolve the organization from measuring the safe and predictable today to the uncertainty and ambiguity of tomorrow for consistent innovation outcomes

David Nour, The Nour Group