Installation Technician — Fairfax, VA USA

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CTS RU: 24.00

CTS-D RU: 24.00

CTS-I RU: 24.00

<h6>Course Details</h6> <ul class="styled"> <li>Learn to perform a site survey.</li> <li>Perform common terminations.</li> <li>Test and pull cables.</li> <li>Build a rack according to a given design.</li> <li>Wire a rack using proper bend radius and signal separation.</li> <li>Correctly manage heat load and weight distribution within a rack.</li> <li>Mount equipment.</li> <li>Explore working with fiber optic connections.</li></ul> <h6>Audience</h6> <p>AV professionals who work on AV systems before their initial power-up including:</p> <ul class="styled"> <li>Installation technicians</li> <li>Installers</li> <li>Systems integrators</li></ul> <h6>Prerequisite</h6> <p>It is strongly recommended that students complete <a href=""><em>Introduction to Installation Online</em></a> before taking this course.</p> <h6>Time Commitment</h6> <p>This three-day course is eight hours per day. Additional evening work may be required.</p> <h6>Special Features</h6> <ul class="styled"> <li>Hands-on, workshop style course</li> <li>Focused on teaching step by step methods and best practices for essential installation skills</li></ul>

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