Design Guidelines for ACU


Type: Book

Topics: Design; Standards

Date: December 2009

These design guidelines describe the processes involved in designing loudspeaker systems to the requirements outlined in ANSI/INFOCOMM 1M-2009, Audio Coverage Uniformity in Enclosed Listener Areas. It is intended to help designers understand the complexities of:

  • Identifying the intended use of the space and system(s) Identifying the listener area(s)
  • Loudspeaker selection, placement, and aiming
  • Modeling the design
  • Documenting the listening area and measurement locations
The guide should be used in conjunction with the standard, ANSI/INFOCOMM 1M-2009 Audio Coverage Uniformity in Enclosed Listener Areas.


Due to the upcoming revised Standard, this product has been discontinued from the webstore. Please watch this page for updates on the upcoming revised Standard, or email for support.