Audiovisual Best Practices: The Design & Integration Process for the AV and Construction Industries


Type: Book

Topics: Best Practices

Date: June 2005

This industry-encompassing publication presents an overview of the industry, explores the inner workings of AV projects with start-to-finish process descriptions, and concludes with an assessment of what the future holds for the industry.

Audiovisual Best Practices addresses the AV process questions of:

  • architects
  • building and construction trade personnel
  • consultants
  • contractors
  • developers
  • engineers
  • facility owners
  • project managers
  • AV professionals
Topics covered include:

Message from Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D.,
InfoComm International Executive Director (Retired)
Overview of the Design and Construction Process
Chapter 1: Understanding the Project Team
Chapter 2: Understanding the Process
Chapter 3: Selecting and Contracting the Project Team
Chapter 4: The Program Phase
Chapter 5: The Design Phase
Chapter 6: The Construction Phase
Chapter 7: System Commissioning and Training

Appendices provide helpful sample contract forms (e.g., software license agreement) and checklists (e.g., standard AIA project forms and templates, questions to ask during the program and construction phases of AV projects), as well as a sample user guide, sample tech manual and AV glossary.

About the Contributors
Creating a book of this nature required a first-of-its-kind industry collaborative effort. Professionals from every aspect of the industry (in many cases, those who would be competitors outside of the conference room) sat together over a two-day period and planned this remarkable volume. Integrators, designers and end users — typically coming to the project from differing perspectives — made a commitment that transcended their usual business interests. They joined forces, putting the best interest of the AV industry first. This book is the result of that effort.

Note: Five years after the publication of this book, InfoComm published ANSI/INFOCOMM 2M-2010: Standard Guide for Audiovisual Design and Coordination Processes. Consider downloading this standard as an update and supplement to Audiovisual Best Practices.