Middle East Webinar Series: Best Practices in Designing Integrated Systems


Type: Recorded Webinar

Topics: Best Practices; Design; Integrated Product Delivery (IPD)

Date: March 2013

Designing integrated systems for a home and/or a building is a relatively new process within the construction industry (which is one of the oldest industries in the world).

The concerned parties involved in the construction of new buildings/homes — Owners, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, MEP Contractors, etc. — are often confused about who should do what, when and why in terms of integrated systems. This results in panic calls at a late stage of the project to address the integrated systems scope, in most cases when there is no more time, money and/or room.

The fact that most products and systems used in integrated systems evolve faster than the speed of construction of any building/home adds another challenge to the design team. In other words, the products which the designer specifies during the design will not be available when it becomes time to procure and install them.

And finally, because in most instances the designer and the contractor of integrated systems are not the same people who designed and installed the building services (i.e., HVAC), the integrated systems design will flush-out any issues within the building services, making the integrated systems designer public enemy number one on the project.

This presentation will elaborate on some of the best practices to help avoid similar issues while designing integrated systems.


Marwan Moubarak, Managing Director, Federal Technologies

Marwan Moubarak is a business entrepreneur who holds an MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg Schools of Management in Chicago. He worked in management consulting for the French consulting group APAVE prior to becoming the managing partner of Federal Technologies. In his consulting practice, he worked with many technology-related companies including GE Medical, Nokia, Atos-Origin, ABB and Schneider Electric, helping them with various aspects of strategy and management.

Since 2006, Moubarak has been managing Federal Technologies, successfully transforming it to become one of the Middle East regional references in design-build practice of integrated systems.